Profile of Eni

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In the United Kingdom, Eni aims to offer and market the company’s petroleum products, specifically lubricants, thanks to its product knowledge and extensive expertise in the management of distribution channels.

The core operations are performed by Eni’s subsidiary located in the Netherlands, Eni Benelux, that is responsible for the sales and marketing activities of lubricants and specialties in the Benelux, United Kingdom and the Scandinavian region.

Thanks to its strategic positioning in the port area of Rotterdam, Eni Benelux enjoys all the advantages of a commercial hub for the organization and delivery of trade goods; an experienced team used to deal with international customers offers a flexible and reliable value proposition, where professionalism and service are key. Fast time of delivery, excellent post-sales service, complementary marketing activities and prestigious sponsorships are then just a few other items that distinguish Eni Benelux from its competitors in the lubricant and specialties market.

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